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Do you want to live an authentic and exciting experience to discover the city? Thanks to three expert guides, you will be able to explore Rome in a simple and practical way. Let yourself be lulled by the history and attractions of the city, by the hidden wonders that Rome can offer you

We are three tour guides who have decided to combine their skills to offer our customers historical and artistic itineraries and guided tours to discover the territory of Rome and its province.

You decide to come to the Piccolo b&b by choice, not just by necessity. The Piccolo b&b offers you services and structure without ever making you lose the taste of discovering time and occasions in every season.

You can stop at the Piccolo b&b for a quick transit before leaving by plane(Aeroporti di Roma) or as a stop for itineraries and tourist discoveries in Lazio (Visit Lazio).

Because you have to work during the day and maybe even in the evening for a business trip (Nuova Fiera di Roma) or simply for shopping (Market Central da Vinci) or simply to visit Rome (Turismo Roma)

Places not to be missed


Bar and Restaurant

Fiumicino is famous throughout Italy for its excellent cuisine and good drinking; look for the most renowned restaurants, discover the most original and interesting clubs and pubs where you can have lunch, dinner or a snack

Old Town

Discover the ancient village designed by Valadier, take a pleasant walk along the Tiber, observe the sea from the small lighthouse, taste the local delicacies. The night is young but not the history of this magical place.


Fiumicino is the closest seaside resort to Rome. Remarkable is the development in length of both free and paid beaches where it is possible to spend a day at the beach between relaxation and fun

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